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Your carpet, curtains and upholstery spotlessly clean

Your carpet, curtains and upholstery spotlessly clean

Homes are to be lived in. The dog sometimes comes in with muddy paws, the children spill chocolate milkshake on the sofa and now and then you knock over a glass of wine. Don't set to work yourself with household cleaners, as sometimes they just make it worse!

Every stain vanishes like snow in the sun.

Bij u thuis maken we op dezelfde manier schoon als bij bedrijven. Dat betekent dat we gordijnen, meubels en tapijten grondig reinigen en beschermen tegen nieuwe vlekken. 

  • Carpet cleaning: Aquarius International uses a crystallisation method for cleaning carpets. The major advantage is that your carpet stays dry, so can be walked on again straightaway.
  • Rug and carpet cleaning: Want to remove stains from your rug? We can come and collect it from you and also return it free of charge.
  • Upholstery cleaning: sofas, office chairs and upholstered dining-room chairs are as good as new after we clean them. After the stains have been removed, we apply a protective coating to prevent new stains from wine, sauces, soft drinks or other food residue.

  • Curtain cleaning in your home: do you dread taking your curtains off the rail and to the dry cleaner's? If so, call Aquarius International now. We'll come to your home and clean the curtains on the rail! You once again have fresh, crease-free curtains in no time.

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Upholstery, curtain and carpet cleaning

Hot news! Coffee stains removed 100%

Do you really enjoy a nice, freshly brewed cup of coffee? However tasty it may be, if it's spilled on the carpet the stains are tough to get out. In collaboration with a US laboratory, we've developed a cleaning formula that makes light work of coffee stains.


Do you want to get rid of those awful coffee stains once and for all?


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