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Aquarius International collaborates closely with various hotels and offices. Private clients, too, have been entrusting their upholstery, carpets, rugs and curtains to us for years.


Our clientèle includes: Accor Hotels, NH Hotels, Amrath Hotels, Manhattan Hotels, Hampshire Hotels, Fletcher Hotels, Park Plaza Hotels, Carlton Beach, WestCord Hotels, Stibbe, Bilderberg, Apollo Hotels and JT Theaters.

Tapijtreiniging Amsterdam
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Written by Author T.Brouwer
I'm pleased to give my review of Aquarius work cleaning my woollen rug. I had (have) on my floor a hand-knotted rug, natural coloured, slightly blended; a so-called "farmer's rug". Not long ago a cup of espresso with whipped cream was dropped on it... A substantial stain... As usual I attempted it myself first, with soapy water. That didn't work. Then I bought a special HG cleaning product... that didn't help either, the stain just got bigger... In the end I got in touch with Aquarius and explained the issue. My rug was collected in the afternoon and returned home just over a week later. The rug was laid again with the help of the deliverer, and I was really happy with the result! You'd need to know where the stain was in order to find it again! Fantastic!!!