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Upholstery, curtain and carpet cleaning

Do you no longer dare enjoy a glass of red wine on the sofa or cross the carpet with coffee for fear of spillage? Then fear no more. Aquarius International eliminates any stain from your carpet, upholstery of curtains. We specialise in floor maintenance, upholstery and curtain cleaning.

Professional cleaning for homes and businesses

Professional cleaning for homes and businesses

Spotless floors, curtains and furniture have been the goal of Aquarius International since 1997. We work largely for hotels, but also for offices and homes. Carpets, hard floors, curtains and upholstery look as good as new. Our company is also certified as fire-safe, meaning we impregnate materials with a fire-retardant fluid.

Amsterdam furniture cleaning service

For companies

Your company welcomes a great many visitors every day. Your hotel rooms, meetings rooms, furniture and window coverings need to be clean. You don't want people feeling uncomfortable in a dirty room. Have your carpets, curtains and upholstery cleaned professionally by Aquarius International. Coffee, mud, grease and other soiling don't stand the slightest chance with the cleaning specialists from Amsterdam.

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For homes

Sometimes vacuuming yourself isn't enough to get your carpet really clean. A coffee stain on the sofa, muddy feet on your rug or the smell of smoke on the curtains: resolving issues such as these is tricky. You can't just take a sofa or rug to the dry cleaner's. Aquarius International cleans your carpet, upholstery and curtains in your home. Because we dry clean, you can walk over your rug and sit on your chairs or sofa again straightaway.

Mattress cleaning for homes and businesses

Do you suffer from allergic complaints such as:

•           Itching or skin problems

•           Sneezing

•           Blocked nose 


House dust mites are the no. 1 cause of allergic complaints.

Millions of house dust mites are found in warm and moist areas in the home, and in mattresses in particular. Have your mattress cleaned to get rid of the bugs and sleep in a fresh bed once again.


Clean mattress = healthy sleep!

Aquarius International cleans your mattress according to the scientific Hygientech Mattress Sanitizing and bactericidal method. Research has revealed our method dramatically reduces the presence of house dust mites, mould, bacteria, dead skin cells, perspiration and other bodily moisture in you mattress. The treatment is safe, ecological, dry, entirely free of chemicals and affordable.


House dust mites are invisible to the naked eye in the first instance. During treatment we can use a test filter to show you what creatures have been keeping you company while you sleep.


Your mattress will be free of house dust mites in 20 minutes!

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International Nominated Supplier

Since 1997, NH Hotels Benelux has entrusted Aquarius International with cleaning its carpets, upholstery and curtains. We became International Nominated Supplier in 2001.

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We would love to tell you how much pride we take in our work, but you'd probably rather hear it from our satisfied customers!