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Do you have visitors every day who walk on the floor of your hotel, restaurant or office? Then you also know how difficult it is to remove mud, grass stains, food residues and grease stains from carpets, rugs and upholstery. Thanks to Aquarius International, your upholstery and furnishings will soon be like new again.

Your rooms will be spotless and clean again

Make an appointment now with the cleaning specialists. The guests of your hotel, the visitors of your company and the employees of your company all expect to be received in a clean environment. We are more than happy to exceed those expectations. Your property is cleaned from top to bottom thanks to the total cleaning package offered by  Aquarius International:

  • Carpet cleaning: the dirty carpet or rug is sprayed with a liquid that encapsulates the dirt in small crystal particles. The carpet or rug is then thoroughly brushed with a brush machine. The flattened carpet poles then stand up again. Finally, the released residue is sucked up with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Wooden and stone floor maintenance: wooden floors are sanded, cleared, varnished or waxed. Stone floors are cleaned and crystallized or polished.
  • Furniture cleaning on location: almost all stains are removed from your furniture. In addition, we make the house free of dust mites and, if desired, we apply a dirt-repellent layer. Thanks to the fast drying time of our cleaning agents, you can use the furniture again the same day.
  • Curtain cleaning on location: your curtains are cleaned on the rod. This way they remain wrinkle-free and you will not have to be without them for several days while they are at the dry cleaner. After cleaning, we recommend that you make the curtains fireproof. We do this by impregnating the curtains with a fire-retardant liquid.
  • Impregnate with fire retardant coating: we also impregnate your furniture and carpet with a fire-retardant coating. This reduces the risk of fire and limits the damage if a fire nevertheless breaks out.
Make an appointment now with the cleaning specialists at Aquarius International in Amsterdam.Call us at  020 - 66 73 865 or fill in the contact formula.

100% removal of coffee stains

Do you also enjoy a delicious, freshly brewed cup of coffee? No matter how tasty coffee is, if it is spilled on the carpet, it will cause hard to remove stains. In collaboration with an American laboratory, Aquarius International developed a cleaning formula that eliminates coffee stains. Wouldn't you really like to get rid of those dirty coffee stains in your carpet or rug?

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Carpet cleaning demonstration

You don't have to just believe us. We simply show you what we do. We visit hotels and companies for a free demonstration of our product. We show how we remove every stain from upholstery fabrics, carpets and rugs.

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