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Aquarius International has a close cooperation with various hotels and offices. But private customers have also trusted us for years with their furniture, carpets, rugs, and curtains.


The clientele of  Aquarius International includea: Accor Hotels, NH Hoteles, Amrath Hotels, Manhattan Hotels, Hampshire Hotels, Fletcher Hotels, Park Plaza Hotels, Carlton Beach, WestCord Hotels, Stibbe, Bilderberg, Apollo Hotels and JT Theaters.


Author T.Brouwer

With pleasure I want to give a reaction to the cleaning of my woolen rug by Aquarius. On my floor lies a hand-knotted woolen carpet, natural-colored, slightly mixed; a so-called "farmer's rug".

A cup of espresso coffee with whipped cream fell over it recently ... A big stain ... As usual, I first tried to clean it myself with soapy water. It did not work. When I bought a special remedy from HG ... That didn't help either, as the stain just got bigger.

In the end I contacted Aquarius and explained the matter. In the afternoon my rug was already picked up, and returned home after little more than a week. With the help of the delivery person I put the rug down again and I was very happy with the result! You must already know where the stain was to find it again! Fantastic!!!

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