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You live your life fully in your home, and that is where things happen. The dog comes in with paws full of mud, the children spill chocolate milk on the couch and you sometimes knock over a glass of wine on your favorite carpet. Do not try to use home-garden-and-kitchen remedies. With that the stain often goes further into the fabric! Instead, consult the professional cleaning company Aquarius International for the cleanest result at a competitive rate.

Professional stain removal

In your home we clean in the same professional way as at companies. This means that we thoroughly clean curtains, furniture and carpets and protect them against new stains.

  • Carpet cleaning: Aquarius International uses a crystallization method to clean carpets and rugs. The big advantage is that your carpets or rugs do not stay damp and can therefore be walked on immediately.
  • Rug cleaning: Want to have stains removed from your rug? We collect your carpet or rug from you free of charge and also return it free of charge.
  • Furniture cleaning: Sofas, office chairs and fabric dining room chairs, they are as new after we clean them. After the stains have been removed, we apply a protective coating to prevent new stains that could occur from spills of wine, sauces, soft drinks or other food residues.
  • Curtain cleaning at your home:  Are you worried about removing your curtains from the curtain rods and bringing them to the dry cleaner? Call us now at Aquarius International. We will visit you and clean the curtains on the rod! You will have fresh and wrinkle-free curtains in no time.
  • Car upholstery: We can also provide your car upholstery with a professional cleaning, as well as provide a protective layer.

Make an appointment now with the cleaning specialists of Aquarius International Carpet and Furniture Cleaning. Call us  at 020 - 66 73 865 or complete the contact form.

Remove coffee stains

A cup of coffee to wake up with in the morning is delicious ... but the stains that spilled coffee leaves on the carpet are a lot less pleasant! Coffee stains can be very difficult to remove. That is why Aquarius International Tapijt- en Meubelreiniging developed a cleaning formula in cooperation with an American laboratory that removes 100% of coffee stains. Curious about the result?

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